Húsláb is a stop-motion animated film created and written by David Clark and directed by Dan Richards. Narrated by David Morrissey it tells a tale of being just that little bit different. Of struggling to fit in somewhere new. It’s based in 60s Margate and will be approximately ten minutes in length.

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The crew behind Húsláb

To bring the story of Húsláb to life we’ve pulled together a crack team of accomplished and talented individuals from the world of Stop Motion, TV and Film. Between them, they’ve worked on some of the world’s best known productions including Wallace and Gromit, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Walking Dead.

Húsláb will be produced at A+C Studios in the UK.

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Húsláb Videos

Teaser film

Meet Húsláb, Margate’s favourite migrant. We’ve lived with his legend for years so thought it was about time the rest of the world knew him too.

Campaign film

Meet Dan, Margate’s 2nd favourite migrant. He can tell you why backing Húsláb on Kickstarter is exactly what you should be doing.


Take a look at where we started with a sneaky peak at our studio animatic (animated storyboard) for Húsláb.



We have turned to Kickstarter to make this short film possible and raise the funds needed to start production. Being a self contained studio means that the funding we get will mainly be used on materials and model makers. We wont be spending it on kit or crew or post as we already have those things in abundance we just need you guys to fill in the blanks where necessary.

Now we know that you can’t all donate money to Húsláb but we’d love you to do your bit and share it with as many people as possible. No matter where you are in the world we’d love you to be part of this amazing and unique project.

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Teaser Credits

David Morrissey
Dan Richards
Russell Jamieson
Creator & Writer
David Clark
Thomas Ragsdale
Art Director
Fiona Stewart
Lighting Director
Mick Bennell
Character Designer
Esther Lisiki
Storyboard Artist
Vasilis Evdokias
Stop Motion Animator
James Harvey
Head Model Maker
Jim Parkyn
Tiffany Monk
Model Maker
Bec Green
Sammy-Jo Tawn
Vicky Keaveney
Stephanie Cave
Set Carpenter
Martin Richards
Set Painter
Amy Akerman
Bekki Stewart
Scarlett Mclean
Stuart Clark
Ruth Wardell
Colour Producer
Ardith Birchill
Music Supervisor
Spencer Hickman
Sound Designer
Henry Buckle
Sound Engineer
Ben Aitken
Production Company
A+C Studios
Electric Theatre Collective
Sound Studio
Another Tongue

Thank you to everyone that has backed our campaign

Julian Lee Clark
James Parkyn
John McCann
Amy Akerman
Vasileios Evdokias
Marnik Loysen
Matt Barton
Paolo Polesello
Laura McCrossen
Richard Heneghan
Alex Sands
Annie Fletcher
James Kelly
Carolyn Jamieson
Stefan van Zoggel
Stephen bass
Wolfram Lakaszus
Kate De Syllas
Alise Munson
Dean Bycroft
Ruud Kool
Clare Freeman
Emma Price
James Greenwood
karen Shepherdson
Sharon Kelley
Katie McQuin-Roberts
Eileen MacCallum
Steven Hebert
Gundel Slavik
Sophie Jeffrey
Andrew Stone
Edward Leader
Ben Rowe
Ned Freed
Ian Parsons
Kev moran
Jade Spranklen
Fiona Stewart
Sally Rowlands
Patricia Uresti
Leianne Bowditch
Danielle Sharma
Michael McClatcheyv
Ed Warren
Jonny Lawrence
Margo Mc Daid
Jack Reyner
David Cubitt
David Jennings
Bec Green
Arty Hunt
Jonathan Fara
Daniel Harding
Kelly Wu
Jenny Duff
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